FortKnoxster DieFi

DieFi solves a Billion $ problem

Lost crypto

DieFi safeguards Web3 and beyond. Store your digital assets, NFTs, ledgers, files, and other crypto information in one ultra-secure app.

In case of memory loss or an emergency, we ensure that you – or your assigned beneficiaries can access your assets, avoiding lost crypto. Non-custodial. Pat. Pending.

DieFi Features

The safest place to store and manage all your crypto credentials and more.
Your keys – your crypto. Built-in automated crypto testament.
Next level digital assets estate planning.

Store any crypto Info

Store all your crypto credentials in one safe place. Cold storage devices, ledgers, custodial, non-custodial wallets and trading account details. All is E2E-encrypted.

Manage NFTs

Manage, organize and display your NFT portfolios across multiple blockchains. Enjoy the view of your collection at any time.

Crypto beneficiaries & testament

We make sure your family, friends, lawyer or anybody you wish, can access your digital assets, when you are not able to anymore.

Dead Man's Switch Timer

Only you control when your beneficiaries are contacted. Default is 12 months after your last log-in. you can edit the timer as you wish.

Beneficiary ID verification

Your beneficiaries will undergo strict real-time ID & face recognition scans incl. 100s of security checks. We use AI & machine learning to eliminate fraud.

File storage

Store all your confidential crypto notes, documents and much more. Store separate folders to be accessed in the future by beneficiaries. All folders are segregated.

User feedback

Mads Andersen

This is the best idea I have seen for years in the crypto space. Love it.

Olivia B.

Finally a DeFi usercase that makes sense to me (and my loved ones).


Smart invention and just what I needed, great job - problem solved!

Manuel J.

Must have for all serious digital assets holders. FKX is now in my portfolio also.

Mr. Crypto

As a user I can sleep better at night - this really makes sense. Thanks team!


If you need a crypto vault with built in testament - look no further. Awesome.

    Why wait ?

    Buckle up now. DieFi works with all your favorite apps like:


    DieFi is built by cybersecurity experts and has been audited by 3rd party security researchers and specialists. FortKnoxster, nor any of its staff, has no access to the information contained in the platform, as it is based on zero-knowledge principles. Basically, all data within the platform is one big “black hole”, as the data is end-to-end encrypted and protected by the latest encryption and security measures. Even if, i.e. a hacker should get access to the platform, no information can be seen, compromised, or downloaded. Nobody but you has the exact private keys to decrypt any information. Furthermore, the code is public to be read and audited by anyone.

    After registering your crypto information, you can add beneficiaries to your wallets, ledgers, NFTs, and trading accounts, effectively adding an automated crypto testament to your funds. You can edit ledgers, wallets, beneficiaries, Dead Man's Switch timer, whenever you wish. Should you have an accident or die, we contact your beneficiaries after x months of no activity. And don’t worry; we will alert you many times before we initiate contact with your chosen beneficiaries.

    Great – But how and when? Wrote down some notes and saved them in your house? Saved info in your bank vault? Instructed your lawyer? Sent an email to a friend? Gave half the information to one friend and the other half to another friend? No matter what you do, there are humans involved. Humans make mistakes. Humans forget. Humans change. Humans turn dishonest (especially if there is money involved). Humans die. And the list goes on. Eliminating the human element is the only secure way to future-proof your crypto assets. Furthermore, nothing is static, so if you safeguarded your info some months ago, the chance is the info needs updating already, i.e., if you have an additional wallet or trading account.

    Millions of dollars are lost daily as people either forget their crypto passwords, seed phrases - or simply can’t find them. We make it easy and secure to store and update all your credentials in one secure platform. Store passwords, wallet seed phrases, recovery information, trading passwords, 2FA info, and much more.

    The beneficiary verification is done online by a 3rd party security company, a market pioneer and leader in ID verification technology. Their technology is used in most airports worldwide to detect humans and detect ID fraud. Once your beneficiary has received notification from FortKnoxster (i.e., if you are dead) – your beneficiary must present their ID (passport, driver’s license, or alike). The ID gets analyzed and verified by over 100 checks using AI and other sophisticated techniques. Afterward, a real-time face scan is performed. Lastly, the beneficiary must answer a question to which only your beneficiary knows the precise answer. If the verification process pass, your beneficiary can access your DieFi account and all your stored crypto information.