FortKnoxster Co-working


FortKnoxster is founded by skilled IT-security specialists, who all share a great passion for cyber-security, cryptography and big data.
Our core expertise is developing secure communication platforms, based on latest encryption technologies and highest standards available. Our two main products are FortKnoxster Transfer & FortKnoxster Messenger. We also offer custom-made development within encrypted communications.

Our Values

Our values guide our behaviours, how we act, the decisions we make, and how we work with each other and our customers. We are all working hard to enhance Internet security for all. We strongly believe that private and confidential information shall remain confidential and that encryption is the only tool to keep documents and data safe.

Mickey Johnnysson

Mickey Johnnysson


Mickey is Danish and has spent most of his adult life playing with computers and developing software. Mickey has a master in computer science and is as great leader and team player. His major passions are computer engineering, crypto and Blockchain. In his limited free-time he enjoys time with his wife and son, and their dog “London”.