What Is DieFi

What is DieFi?

If you have ever wondered what would happen to your digital assets when you are no longer on this earth, you are not alone. Who will take over your crypto & NFT portfolio? Will a family member be able to find that piece of paper with your recovery key that you have hidden somewhere in […]

FortKnoxsters RSS feed integrated with Crypto.com

FortKnoxster’s RSS feed integrated with crypto.com

Through Crypto.com’s FKX price page you can now directly access FortKnoxster’s RSS News feed. This feature will allow Crypto.com users to stay on top of the latest FKX price, trading volume, live charts and market capitalization data. FortKnoxster is a cybersecurity company specializing in safeguarding digital assets. Our innovations, security and service are extraordinary, and we help secure and […]

FortKnoxster Decentralized DieFi Crypto Suite

FortKnoxster Decentralized DieFi

FortKnoxster’s DieFi core concept is decentralized — in fact it has to be, in order to be as secure and transparent as possible. Only the benefactor has access to the end-to-end encrypted information in the FortKnoxster DieFi Web3 DApp. The DieFi solution is built using among other NuCypher technologies a decentralized network of nodes that can […]

Introducing DieFi

We are today very excited to announce our coming launch of the FortKnoxster DieFi Product DieFi suite will be our flagship product to date, and it will address a massive concern amongst all crypto holders globally. We help solving a Billion dollar issue moving forward. The founders of FortKnoxster have for years personally been troubled […]

FortKnoxster / FKX applies for Binance listing!!!

FortKnoxster / FKX applies for Binance listing!!!

We are happy and excited to announce that FortKnoxster today has applied Binance to list our coin FKX on the world’s biggest crypto exchange. If you have been part of our journey, you will for sure know that ‘when Binance???’ was one of the most asked questions in our community ever!!! As we have promised, after the […]

What is this new trend called NFT?

What is this new trend called NFT?

NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) are all over the crypto news, even traditional news. Communication channels are also talking about NFTs. The word pops up everywhere. “You might be asking yourself, what is an NFT? Here at FortKnoxster, we would like to explain with simple words everything related to NFTs, without the overcomplicated tech details. If you […]