FortKnoxster / FKX applies for Binance listing!!!

Binance Application

We are happy and excited to announce that FortKnoxster today has applied Binance to list our coin FKX on the world’s biggest crypto exchange.

If you have been part of our journey, you will for sure know that ‘when Binance???’ was one of the most asked questions in our community ever!!!

As we have promised, after the Crypto Suite launch we would apply for Binance, and voilà — now is the time we have all been waiting for…

We will, of course, keep our great community informed about the status of the application when Binance allows us.

Binance and FortKnoxster are very serious about protecting the integrity of the listing process, which is quite comprehensive in many ways. We are under a strict NDA (non-disclosure-agreement) and cannot tell when (or if) we are getting listed. It is currently up to the Binance team to do their due diligence and analyzing our project, before we will know the status of our application.

Keep in mind, applying for a Binance listing is no guarantee what so ever, that we will get accepted by Binance, but of course we hope they like our project, coin and utility of FKX. Time will tell.

Mini FAQ

  1. Q: When Binance? A: We do not know.
  2. Q: Is it sure FKX will be listed? A: No.
  3. Q: How long time does Binance need to evaluate the project? A: We do not know, it could be weeks or months.
  4. Q: Will you keep us updated? A: Yes as always.

We hope you enjoy the good news and thanks for being an active community member and patient alongside us! 💪