We believe in everyone’s right to privacy, and always do out utmost to advocate for awareness and education. Ultimately, being aware of the implications of your online activities, and then having the access to the right tools, are the only ways you as an individual, can defend and exercise your rights.

We covered some of the basic stuff you could start doing whenever you come online, such as deleting data collected and stored by clearing cookies when you stop browsing, not broadcasting your location by switching off your device’s GPS mode to stop, or even using virtual private networks (VPNs).

Something that works doesn’t mean something that will be used

These can seem like simple enough steps for some, but for the less tech-savvy – and mind you, this is most of us – getting themselves to change their security behaviours online is a difficult hurdle, as is any change of behaviour.

Never mind getting people to start using password managers or multi-factor authentication! The fact is, for most people, learning and practising good security and privacy online is just too time-consuming and too complicated to learn.

A lot of solutions work. A lot of guides too. The only problem with many of them is that they are just one part of the solution and still require a lot of other additional pieces of the puzzle to get people to a more reasonable level of privacy and security.

That can’t (really) be helped. The infrastructure of the Internet itself has become somewhat compartmentalized to silos, requiring complicated security structures to monitor and safeguard in complex layers.

Loosely speaking, this translates to the end user requiring, for example:

– anti-virus as the first-line perimeter defence

– web proxy to filter content at the network layer

– a desktop firewall for endpoint

So what we end up with is a lot of guidance and a lot of solutions… but let’s admit it, they aren’t practical. And what happens when the prevention is too complicated than the cure? People do too little to prevent.

A simpler way to achieving better security and privacy

We at FortKnoxster are really proud of what we’ve built, and we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that the app is everything we say it is. Technologically speaking, we’re quite confident there isn’t yet a consumer app that is as secure and as robust as ours.

The vision that guides FortKnoxster is clear: unmatched privacy through military-grade encryption for all your communication and storage needs.

In our eyes, the beauty of our app lies in the simplicity of that premise. An all-in-one app that gives you a secure and trusted communication link between you and the people you want to communicate with.

Trust in the tech, not in us

Using and installing FortKnoxster means you never need to understand how the technology works (but we’re happy to explain it!) under the hood.

Whether it’s all about sophisticated modern methods cryptography such as Elliptic Curve and PBKDF2 key derivation with SHA-256 hashing that codes your data so it’s safe from prying eyes… or the decentralized trust of digital identities and “zero-knowledge” architecture to guarantee your privacy… FortKnoxster takes the very best from emerging technology like blockchain and puts it at your fingertips.

When we say you don’t have to trust us to benefit from the most secure communication app ever built, we mean it! In our developmental roadmap, we have a target to make our code fully open source, so anyone at any time can inspect our code and even tweak it for customized improvements.

One app, multiple security and privacy benefits

If you’ve ever used a messaging app before, then using FortKnoxster Messenger will be second nature.

But unlike other messaging apps, FortKnoxster is designed to protect ALL of your communication needs with secure end-to-end encryption. This guarantees only you and your intended recipients can read your messages. Enjoy peace of mind with:

– fast, real-time chat with voice messaging and group chat;

– secure inbox to communicate with friends and colleagues;

– private video calling without “snoopers” on the line;

– secure storage to share valuable photos, files and other documents in your own encrypted cloud;

– secure collaboration tools for professional and personal needs, like encrypted screen sharing and conference mode.

No need to worry about the individual vulnerabilities of using different apps for different communication needs when you use FortKnoxster.

About FortKnoxster

By using Fortknoxster Transfer you can share documents or sensitive information securely through your favourite app or email, our solution provides you with that security and peace of mind that you need so much to share information.

If you are looking to protect your online privacy and secure your communications online using FortKnoxster Messenger is the right choice, it now protects over 60 thousand users communications

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