FortKnoxster Decentralized DieFi Crypto Suite

FortKnoxster Decentralized DieFi

FortKnoxster’s DieFi core concept is decentralized — in fact it has to be, in order to be as secure and transparent as possible. Only the benefactor has access to the end-to-end encrypted information in the FortKnoxster DieFi Web3 DApp. The DieFi solution is built using among other NuCypher technologies a decentralized network of nodes that can […]

End-to-end Encryption and it's Importance

End-to-end Encryption and it’s Importance

End-to-end encryption is a secure communication tool that ensures that your message is securely transmitted between sender and receiver. A third party cannot intercept your message.  Using E2EE encryption gives you peace of mind when transmitting confidential and personal messages and documents.  E2EE and Social Media Platforms Some Social media platforms have started to secure […]

2020 State of Malware and 2021 Outlook

2020 State of Malware and 2021 Outlook

Ransomware has become one of cybersecurity’s most widespread and well-known malware risks. Ransomware attacks, directly on corporate entities, grew dramatically in 2020 when many companies were in the crosshairs of malicious actors. Cybercriminals use modern and advanced methods to hack computers and networks, these attacks are becoming increasingly complex.  This article will detail some main […]

Sending Plain Text Passwords in Welcome Emails

We have to log in to apps and services constantly. We need to use a large number of passwords, whether it’s your workstation, laptop, phone, social network, or software at work. In reality, research indicates that the average person has up to 35 unique logins that they need to remember. !@y8fA@KQ&WH840ytkSv4@1cT2Ks When you have signed […]

Authorized Push payments fraud (APP Fraud)

One of the fastest-growing forms of scams around is approved push payment (APP) fraud. According to UK Finance, APP scams amounted to £455.8mio in 2019.  APP involves the fraudster tricking their victims into making large bank transfers to them. The fraudster acts like someone from your bank or another trusted company, for example, pretending that […]