FortKnoxster is a cyber-security company offering a complete Crypto Suite™ of private and secure messaging, calling, crypto wallet and cloud storage worldwide for everyone, including businesses. FortKnoxster uses strong end-to-end encryption with advanced blockchain technology and zero-knowledge principles to protect its user’s online privacy. 

Crypto Suite™ Features

Blockchain Integration

FortKnoxster uses blockchain technology to secure communications by storing a cryptographic hash of user’s public identity and keys in a decentralized smart contract.

Encrypted Messaging

Real-time secure end-to-end encrypted chat for fast and instant communications. Comes with voice messages, group chat and much more.

Secure Wallet

Store, receive and send your crypto safely with FortKnoxster’s non-custodial wallet. Transfer and receive any cryptocurrency in chat, it’s as easy as sending a message.

Encrypted File Storage

Store your valuable data, photos, and documents in your own encrypted cloud storage. Easy to share and manage files and folders seamlessly.

Encrypted Video Calls

Super secure video calling without ” snoopers” on the line – nobody can access, record or hack your calls. The most private calling you can get on both web and mobile.

Encrypted Inbox

All communications and data are end-to-end encrypted and as secure as it gets. Send messages to friends, colleagues and business partners with peace of mind.

Encrypted Screen-sharing

We have developed encrypted screen-sharing as an extra valuable tool to collaborate securely with partners and other 3rd parties while on call.

Encrypted Voice Messaging

Send quick encrypted voice messages without calling. Saves time and the feature is available both on the web and app platforms.

Desktop Web App

FortKnoxster is also available as a desktop web app for Windows, Mac OS and Linux – extremely easy to use on all devices.

End-to-End Encryption by Default

All calls, messages and files sent and received in FortKnoxster are end-to-end encrypted by default. When you create a FortKnoxster account, several cryptographic keypairs are generated on your local device to encrypt and decrypt messages and files. The private keys are protected with encryption keys derived from your password which is only known to you and nobody else. When you connect with your contacts or other FortKnoxster users you exchange public keys securely, so that this person can encrypt messages to you and decrypt messages from you. Visit our Security page for more details on FortKnoxster’s end-to-end encryption and privacy features.

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