FortKnoxster on Times Square, NY

FortKnoxster on TImes Square - web- blog

We love our community.

Our community is great, they are always helpful, supportive, and they also ask a lot of questions 👀.

One of the best ways we have found to keep them engaged is to listen to their suggestions, which helps us a lot to see things differently and also helping us discover new projects and technologies in the blockchain and cybersecurity space.

| One of those suggestions was that they wanted to see more marketing. |

On a normal week, we do all sorts of marketing that may or may not make its way into the public eye.

So this time we wanted to go big.

And this is the result!!! We thought that advertising in a renowned place would be a good start to the many other marketing and advertising ideas we have.

We ask everyone to stay tuned to our news channels for more information about FortKnoxster development, marketing partnerships and other exciting news we have prepared for the coming weeks.

So what do you think? Where should we head next?