FortKnoxster partners with social network Blockster

FortKnoxster partners with social network Blockster

FortKnoxster is excited to announce a partnership with Blockster, a full-featured social platform dedicated to the global community of cryptocurrency users. 

Both companies recognize the synergies between them and their respective roadmaps. The partnership is designed to help both organizations grow faster and reach a larger audience. It’s a true win-win arrangement to accelerate growth by working together. 

Blockster is the first social network designed specifically for the needs of cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. They provide the latest news, stories, and reviews about trending cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based projects from industry experts and thought leaders in a social network format.

As part of the partnership, FortKnoxster is powering the secure internal communications of the Blockster team. FortKnoxster gives the entire Blockster team access to end-to-end encrypted chats, phone calls, video calls, inbox, file storage and file sharing.

Blockster boasts a waiting list of over 347,000 users and will open to the public in August. They have an ambitious roadmap for the rest of 2021 including features such as Blockster Ads, the Blockster Wallet, Blockster Trade, an iOS & Android app, P2P transactions and more. 

The FortKnoxster roadmap is equally ambitious with the upcoming launch of a full Crypto Suite™, an integrated wallet, self-destructing messages and FKX staking. Users in over 180 countries are enjoying FortKnoxster through both the free and PRO accounts. FortKnoxster has their own utility token (FKX). Click here for more information.

Blockster is doing a presale of their tokens (BXR) which can be purchased through their website. Only 2% of the total supply of BXR tokens is available through the presale, which ends on September 21st. BXR tokens can be used to buy advertising on the Blockster platform, and staking BXR tokens will earn revenue sharing rewards.  You can join the waiting list and purchase tokens here.

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