FortKnoxster Update 23. Oct 2021


Dear community, hereby a short update in order to keep all up-to-date regarding our coming Crypto Suite releases, PRO features etc. As we all know, things move fast in this space and hence it can be hard to keep up with the updates on TG, Twitter and AMA’s etc…

Crypto Suite Ver. 1.0 — Planned release 1st of November 2021

  • Multi-cryptocurrency non-custodial built-in wallet in iOS, Android & web
  • Supported Blockchains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Bitcoin
  • Cryptocurrencies: ETH, BNB, BTC, and thousands of ERC20/BEP20 tokens, including FKX, USDT, USDC and many others (around 6K)
  • Fiat to crypto (BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC and many more) with credit card and bank transfer
  • Crypto to fiat — sell your BTC and receive USD, EUR, GBP and many other Fiat currencies straight to your bank account
  • PIN/Biometric security protection for app lock & extra confirmation when using the wallet
  • Transfer/request/pay crypto to/from your contacts directly in encrypted chat
  • Transfer/receive crypto to/from outside FK using QR scan/QR code
  • Complete wallet in the FortKnoxster desktop web app.
  • Integrated crypto-to-crypto exchange feature in all platforms (iOS, Android, Web)

Crypto Suite Ver. 2.0 — Planned release 1. of December 2021

  • PRO upgrade features — pay FKX to get more storage etc.
  • NFTs in Crypto Suite, store, transfer/request in chat, manage and much more
  • Bug fixes!

To PRO or not to PRO?

We want everybody to be able to protect their communications, crypto, files, NFT’s etc. for free. Period. So our free account can be used by all and will have a lot of nice features, which we never will charge for. For “heavy” users there is a small price (USDT worth 99.00 per year, charged in FKX) in order to go PRO and enjoy lots of unlimited features.

So what is included in the FREE FortKnoxster account?

– Crypto Suite Wallet incl. all DeFi features

– Remittance features, send crypto direct in chat

– Messenger & voice messages etc.

– 1 H Calling/ Video calling per 24 H

– 250 MB of E2E Encrypted Data Storage

– Max. 5 different Group Chats

– Max. 5 different Folder Shares

So what is included in the FortKnoxster PRO account?

– Crypto Suite Wallet incl. all DeFi features

– Remittance features, send crypto direct in chat

– Messenger & voice messages etc.

– Unlimited Calling/ Video calling — anytime all the time

– Unlimited E2E Encrypted Data Storage

– Unlimited Group Chats

– Unlimited Folder Shares

What about staking?

As mentioned in our AMA, we are not 100% sure if we will be able offer staking this year. This is due to different challenges, legally and security wise. BUT that being said, its still high on our wish-list so we hope sooner or later staking can be launched, but we will not promise this as of now, but fingers crossed!

Here is a few teaser sneak previews of what is coming soon 🙂

Web Version




We will apply to some of the biggest exchanges, ie. Binance, Kraken etc. when Crypto Suite is launched. Keep in mind, there is no guarantee of listing, but we are sure they will find FortKnoxster/ FKX as a new fresh potential coin in their trading platforms.

Thanks to our ever supporting community and followers, FortKnoxster is with the coming Crypto Suite tapping into a vast market and we are as excited as ever to launch. We couldn’t have done it without your support, input and great energy!

Our next Medium post will be a more detailed insight of our new marketing team and the many activities we have in the pipeline — so stay tuned.

Disclaimer: Launch dates are estimated and can change if unexpected events occur.