FortKnoxster’s RSS feed integrated with

FortKnoxsters RSS feed integrated with

Through’s FKX price page you can now directly access FortKnoxster’s RSS News feed. This feature will allow users to stay on top of the latest FKX price, trading volume, live charts and market capitalization data.

FortKnoxster is a cybersecurity company specializing in safeguarding digital assets. Our innovations, security and service are extraordinary, and we help secure and future proof the FinTech and Blockchain space. Peace of mind.

FortKnoxsters utility token FKX can be used to purchase upgrade subscriptions to our new DieFi automated inheritance feature coming in June 2022.

DieFi is the first automated crypto beneficiary & recovery platform. We make sure your chosen beneficiaries can access your digital assets and NFT’s, in case you die or go MIA.

DieFi technical overview:

FortKnoxster Decentralized DieFi


Founded in 2016, has grown into a full-fledged and well-known international cryptocurrency hub in just a few short years. Its crypto ecosystem consists of the App, Exchange, DeFi Wallet, DeFi Swap, Visa Cards, Crypto Earn, Crypto Credit, Price Page, NFT marketplace, Ethereum Gas Fees Tracker, and many other services. works with regulatory institutions all over the globe, and aims to bring you the most convenient way to buy, sell, trade, and spend cryptocurrencies. The App allows users to buy over 100 top cryptocurrencies at true cost, to earn high interest on their crypto, to manage their Visa Card, and to easily make crypto payments, along with many other rewarding features. The company’s DeFi Wallet is non-custodial, so users can have full control of their private keys.

About FortKnoxster

FortKnoxster is founded by Danish cybersecurity experts and headquartered in Gibraltar. FortKnoxster has users in almost 200 countries, and their utility coin, FKX, can be traded at KuCoin, ChangellyPRO, and Uniswap.


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