Easy Onboarding

Company sign up to FortKnoxster

Sign up takes a few minutes and maximum 24 hrs later your company is ready to receive and send end-to-end encrypted documents and files.

Custom branding

If you have chosen the Enterprise solution, we custom design your pages so it matches your company image including logos and colours etc.

Start using FortKnoxster

You are now ready to offer your customers super-secure encrypted transfers of documents, files and other data.

A Usercase Explained

Let’s assume your company is a financial institution, a law firm or any other company or organization, which sends and receive online confidential client documents or files.

Passport, proof of address, bank statement or any other confidential document.

Your compliance department has identified a client, who has outdated KYC details on file. The client needs to send a copy of his/hers current passport.

Encrypted link generation

The account manager logs into the FortKnoxster dashboard and easily generates an unique link, to be used for this particular client.

Requesting the client

This unique secure link is now sent to the client in a normal email or customer chat. The link can basically be copy/pasted anywhere where the company communicates with the clients.

Client uploads the passport copy

The client clicks the secure link which points to the company’s dedicated and branded landing page. Here the passport copy is uploaded and instantly encrypted before sending. The clients press “Send” and the document is now sent to the company’s encrypted FortKnoxster dashboard.

Company receives the document

The company instantly receives the encrypted passport copy and can now download or store it in the FortKnoxster platform. No more worries of being non-compliant with regulations.