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Introducing DieFi

We are today very excited to announce our coming launch of the FortKnoxster DieFi Product

DieFi suite will be our flagship product to date, and it will address a massive concern amongst all crypto holders globally. We help solving a Billion dollar issue moving forward.

The founders of FortKnoxster have for years personally been troubled by the fact that if someone suddenly had an accident, died, or lost his memory, what would happen to the crypto in his several different custodial and non-custodial wallets?

Some might say, I have already safeguarded my crypto info — why do I need this?

Great — But how and when? Wrote down some notes and saved them in your house? Saved info in your bank box? Instructed you lawyer? Sent an email to a friend? Gave half the information to one friend and the other half to another friend?

No matter what you do, there are humans involved. Humans make errors. Humans forget. Humans change. Humans turn dishonest (especially if there is money involved). Humans die. And the list goes on. Eliminating the human element is the only secure way to safeguard your crypto forever. Furthermore, nothing is static, so if you safeguarded your info some months ago, the chance is the info needs updating already, i.e., if you have an additional wallet or trading account.

The DieFi Crypto Suite will help secure all users (and their loved ones) in the crypto space, should the wallet owner suddenly die or lose access to his/her digital assets, seed phrases, or login information.

According to public statistics, more than 20% of all crypto coins and tokens are lost due to sudden death and lost crypto credentials.

That’s more than 200 Billion USD, only accounting for lost Bitcoins. Including all crypto assets, the numbers could actually be in the Trillions USD lost forever.

FortKnoxster has developed an extremely secure and innovative solution to this growing problem, which is a relief to all in the crypto space, including private and business users. No need to worry anymore 🙂

The DieFi Crypto Suite, which is pat. pending, has several innovative features built-in, among other beneficiary registrations, basically making the DieFi Crypto Suite an automated crypto testament for digital estate management. No humans are involved.

If the wallet owner has an accident or suddenly dies, a so-called Dead Man’s Switch will trigger automatically, and the assigned beneficiaries will be contacted directly.

After several ID, security, and fraud checks, the chosen beneficiary — or beneficiaries, will get handed over the private keys and hence be able to access all stored wallet information and instructions.

The platform can be used to protect and secure all kinds of crypto wallets, custodial, non-custodial, exchange credentials, and alike.

FortKnoxster uses the latest encryption and AI technologies, combined with several blockchain integrations and the zero-knowledge concept, making the solution extraordinarily secure and safeguarded at any time. Only the user (and the beneficiaries in case of death) have access to the end-to-end encrypted private keys.

The DieFi Crypto Suite can be integrated seamlessly into 3. party platforms, i.e. crypto exchanges and other crypto platforms that wish to help and safeguard their users and their loved ones.

The DieFi Crypto Suite is currently in late-stage development, and the official launch date is set to 1. June 2022.

Stay safe until then!

About FortKnoxster

FortKnoxster is founded by Danish cybersecurity experts and headquartered in Gibraltar. FortKnoxster has users in almost 200 countries, and their utility coin, FKX, can be traded at KuCoin, ChangellyPRO, and Uniswap.

We hope you enjoy the news and thanks for being an active community member and alongside us!


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Disclaimer: Launch date can change to before or after 1. June 2022.

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