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How do I buy coins?

FortKnoxster has partnered with Coinify. Buying crypto is processed using Visa, Mastercard or Bank Transfer.  

At your initial sign-up to buy crypto, you will be requested to provide your country of residence and be taken through some KYC steps. KYC is handled by Coinify.

To buy coins follow these steps:

Select the wallet feature on the left tab.

Click the “Buy” option on the bottom right of your wallet balance.

On the main screen select the crypto you wish to purchase and press the “Buy crypto now” button.

Enter the amount you wish to spend and the currency, then press “Continue”.

Select the payment option.

On the order summary screen, check if the information is correct, accept the terms and conditions and click “Go to payment”.

As the next step, you will reserve the funds for a period of time to verify your identity. Accept the KYC privacy policy and terms and conditions, then press “Continue”.

Enter your card details and press “Reserve”.

Verify your identity by providing a residential address and then press “Continue”.

Complete your identity details and confirm the legal source of the funds and press “Continue”.

As a final identity verification step, you will need to provide an Identity Document and take a selfie, when ready, press “Start”. Select the document you wish to upload for ID and then choose an upload method, immediately after you will be asked for a selfie picture. The certification process can take a few minutes, once finished you will be taken to your purchase order.

Accept the purchase order.

Now the order is going through, please allow a moment to get your tokens deposited.

That’s all, click “Finish” to close the order screen.