How to buy FKX tokens?

If you are new to crypto-currencies and would like to upgrade your FortKnoxster account, first you will need an Ethereum wallet (check our Knowledge Base if you don´t have one) and then, you need to purchase FKX tokens.

To purchase FKX token simply go to Bancor and sign in or sign up.

Once you have logged in make sure you have deposited Ether (ETH) by either transferring to your Bancor wallet or by purchasing with your credit card. If you have not yet deposited any Ether to your wallet please read the instructions here.

Once logged in there are a couple of places where you can convert ETH to FKX and vice-versa. Click “Convert”

Once you click “Convert” a dialog box will appear to choose source and destination currencies. In our case we will convert with ETH and receive FKX.

Click on the dropdown in the dialog box to change the cryptocurrency you will “receive”, in this case select FKX.

Enter the FKX amount you want to convert or the ETH amount you want to receive and click “next”.

Once you click “Next”, you will see another dialog to review the transaction and re-enter your password and click “Convert”.

Please wait for the network to convert your ETH to FKX, this process could take a few minutes.

Go back to “My Wallet” to see your FKX balance.

You can now purchase FortKnoxster PRO, please see our How to upgrade your FortKnoxster account to PRO? guide.


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