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How to enable account recovery (Desktop)?

Should you lose or forget your password, you can regain access to your FortKnoxster account with your recovery email and recovery key.

To enable account recovery from a desktop browser, please login here

Press the Settings menu and then select Account Recovery. In the below screen, press the “Enable” button to start the account recovery setup.

Next your recovery email needs to be activated. Insert your email address and press the “Save” button. If you have previously set up an email address, the following steps for recovery email setup will be skipped. If you wish to change your existing email address, please go to My Profile.

Next, you will be prompted for your password to autorise the recovery email setup. Insert your password and press “Continue”.

A confirmation code was sent to your recovery email, please open the email with subject “Email verification code” sent from FortKnoxster and copy the code.

Paste or insert the activation code in the “Activation Code” input and press the “Save” button.

Next you will be prompted for your password to autorise the creation of your recovery key. Insert your password and press “Continue”.

You new recovery key has now been created and account recovery is now enabled. You can now copy or download your recovery key and keep it safe.

Please back up your account recovery key now!

To recover your FortKnoxster account and reset your password, in case you lose or forget your password, please follow this guide: “How to reset password and recover account (Desktop)?

When account recovery is enabled, you will see a green shield on the “Account Recovery” menu item, where you can change your recovery key any time. Please note that your old recovery key will be replaced with the new recovery key.