How to Share Files and Folders

Here is a quick guide for sharing a folder with files:


  • Login to FortKnoxster and go to “Files”.
  • Once you are in your storage, select the folder you want to share and using the options button click on “Share”.
  • Once you clicked the “Share” option, a dialog will appear to choose the contacts you wish to share the folder with.
  • Once selected the user you want to share the folder, select permission to be granted (Read or Write) and click “Share”.
  • As soon as you click “Share” you will see a confirmation message notifying that a share request has been sent to the selected contact(s). Also notice the folder icon has changed to “shared” status.
  • Wait until the receiver Accepts or Declines your request .


  • Once a user has sent you a shared folder request, you will receive an email notification and also a notification in your “Files” section.
  • Click to accept or to decline the shared folder request. Once you click and accept you will be able to see all “shared with you” and “shared with other” documents and files by simply going to “Files” section at FortKnoxster Web App.
  • Remember you can always upload more documents and data to your shared folder which will immediately update all folders
  • Share as much as you want, do not forget FortKnoxster´s free version allows a limited space of 1GB per user, if you want to enjoy more space, soon you will be able to do so, upgrading via our Web App.


  • To remove a user from accessing a previous shared folder, go to your “Files” section, and click on the far right button options button of your desired folder. Click “Share” option.

Once you have clicked “Share” option a slide will appear with information about the chosen folder, in this window you will see all users linked to selected File or Folder, manage permissions, add and delete users to the folder or file.

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