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What is FKX?

FKX also known as Knoxstertoken is a “Cryptocurrency” or “Utility Token”, that represents access to a service or product, hence the “Token” name. Utility tokens allow the token holder to purchase products and access services inside a platform.

FKX is FortKnoxster’s own crypto token currency based on blockchain technology using the Ethereum network. FKX is used via our Web App, to upgrade your FortKnoxster account to get more encrypted cloud storage and access FortKnoxster PRO features.

If you wish to upgrade your FortKnoxster account to PRO and increase your encrypted cloud storage, first you will need to open a cryptocurrency wallet and then obtain FKX tokens.

IF YOU ARE NEW to cryptocurrencies and don’t have experience with wallets please visit our Knowledge Base that will guide you through opening a supported wallet, buying FKX tokens and how to upgrade your FortKnoxster´s account.

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE FKX all you need is to do is follow the steps to upgrade your account.

Credit cards will also be accepted soon in the FortKnoxster Web App.