Meet us today at Exploring the Future of FinTech, ICO’s, Blockchain, Sharing Economy, Future of Work & Disruptive Culture in Gibraltar.

28-31 October 2017

In attendance will be our CEO Rasmus Birger Christiansen and we would like to invite you to meet him to talk about the latest developments in our new FortKnoxster Ecosystem Platform.

FortKnoxster’s ICO Pre-sale will begin on Wednesday, November 8th, 2017.

d10e is the leading organisation for decentralization events in Amsterdam, Bucharest, Kyiv, San Francisco (4 editions), Singapore, Tel Aviv and Warsaw.

1500+ of the most passionate leaders spearheading decentralising technologies and ideas attended these events. over $750M was raised through ICOs by past presenters.

Meet inspiring people from all over the world ready to invest and create a better world for tomorrow.  Network with savvy investors, executives and entrepreneurs pushing the envelope of human creativity and collaboration. No where else will you intimately discover the spectacular decentralizing innovations changing how humanity will communicate, organize, create, collaborate, work, move, and even think. This event’s format offers concise 15-minute presentations, fireside chats with industry luminaries and only a couple of well-prepared panels.


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