FortKnoxster Crypto Suite integrates new purchase feature – enabling our users to spend their crypto on items, gift-cards & vouchers…

FKX gift voucher

Need an Uber? An IKEA item? A pair of Adidas, a coffee or a pizza? Or topping up your Netflix or Amazon account?

We are happy to announce our new partnership with Bitrefill, a Swedish company that allows you to pay using your crypto assets by converting them into vouchers, gift cards and mobile refills from stores and websites across thousands of businesses in most countries.

Among Bitrefill’s long list of partners are Airbnb, Amazon, Google Play, Uber, IKEA, Starbucks, Adidas, Netflix and thousands more! You can browse Bitrefill’s products by clicking here.

Automate your gifts!

Tired of the gift-hassle and often forget your friends and family’s birthdays? Crypto Suite helps you! You can now schedule your gift-giving and rest assured you do not miss another birthday present. Choose a heartfelt custom message, and schedule your delivery for any special occasion: Christmas, birthdays, Chinese New Year, and more. The gift recipient will get a themed email with their voucher code, and any information needed to use it.

FortKnoxster Crypto Suite is all you need

We are very excited to launch this new integration, as it is a perfect fit into our overall mission: To be a one-stop Crypto Suite serving all your needs within the crypto space. Being able to purchase with crypto and spend your assets is a big step towards being non-dependent of the old-school payment methods. The future looks bright!


We are already working on it and we expect the integration, testing and security checks to be done within 10 days. If all goes as expected we launch it directly into your Crypto Suite before Christmas 🙂 .

For more information about Bitrefill, please visit: