Multi-cryptocurrency wallet app

Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance & more

Send crypto as easy as sending a message

Request crypto safely from your contacts

QR scan for simple crypto payments

The Most Secure Wallet in Cyberspace

Our Crypto Suite™, combined with FortKnoxster’s secure wallet is basically the world’s most secure one-stop platform for safeguarding your digital assets and private communication. You are in complete control of your funds. By leveraging FortKnoxster’s existing encryption algorithms (for securing and verifying the identity of the sender and receiver when exchanging messages and public keys with your contacts), it makes it possible to also exchange your wallet addresses securely on the same encrypted channel. This level of trust ensures that your cryptocurrency transactions to and from your contacts, can happen safely – most importantly it gives you peace of mind. FortKnoxster also offers an encrypted backup solution of their user’s wallet secret keys, to help users avoid worst-case scenarios, such as losing access to their funds.

Private Messenger & Wallet

Non-custodial Wallet

Store, receive and send your crypto safely with FortKnoxster’s non-custodial wallet. Your private keys are never exposed to third-parties – not even FortKnoxster. 

Endless asset types

Store all your coins and tokens in a single, secure mobile wallet. We support major blockchains with access to thousands of assets. BTC, ETH, FKX, BNB, NFTs and other assets totally on your terms.

Transfer Crypto In-chat

Send and request cryptocurrency payments from your contacts directly in the end-to-end encrypted chat. Also possible to QR scan to make crypto payments.

Real-time Balance

Easy overview of your cryptocurrency portfolio with real-time balance updates. Choose your preferred Fiat currency like USD, EUR and more.

Multiple Wallets

Generate and import as many wallets as you want. FortKnoxster supports all major blockchains and cryptocurrency assets, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance.

Lock Wallet

Your wallet secret keys are secured with a PIN-code and biometric Touch ID and protected by the phone’s Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).

Multi Cryptocurrency App

FortKnoxsters wallet is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet allowing for multiple accounts for many coins, protected by a single recovery phrase only known to you, nobody else – not even FortKnoxster. Such type of wallet is known as HD Wallet (Hierarchically Derived), which is a standard for deriving multiple account addresses for multiple cryptocurrencies from a single wallet generated with a secret phrase, also known as the recovery phrase. FortKnoxster uses BIP39 for recovery phrase, BIP32/BIP44/BIP84 for account derivation.

How does it Work?

FortKnoxster's crypto wallet feature is an additional FinTech feature to combine the best from a secure cryptocurrency wallet with the best from FortKnoxster's private messenger. The crypto wallet is not mandatory to enable when signing up to FortKnoxster, it is completely your own choice to have a wallet - FortKnoxster encrypted messaging and calling will work just fine without it. New and existing FortKnoxster users can choose to generate a new wallet or import an existing wallet with funds, at any time.

Get started

Simply press the wallet icon in the menu.

Create new wallet

Follow the steps to generate a new wallet or import an existing wallet.

Secure your wallet

Secure your wallet with a wallet PIN-code and Touch ID.

Backup your wallet

Write down the secret keywords, keep them safe and back them up to FortKnoxster's encrypted file storage.

Use your wallet

You can now use your wallet, check balance, send and receive crypto funds.

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FortKnoxster Phone Wallet

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