FortKnoxster Web App update


FortKnoxster is happy to announce that the new and improved FortKnoxster Web App is now live. This release brings several important improvements.

If you haven’t tried FortKnoxster Web App, simply open any supported browser (Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, Edge, Opera and Brave) and simply sign up to FortKnoxster or log in to FortKnoxster.

Key release notes for FortKnoxster Web:

  • Email signup replaces phone/SMS signup. A long-awaited and highly demanded feature now allows new users to sign up to FortKnoxster without the need for a phone number.


  • Typing indication in chats.
  • Added Microsoft Edge browser to the supported browser landing page.
  • Signup UI/UX improved (password helper area slides down when password field in focus)
  • File storage improvements. We have improved bugs happening in different browsers, now the user experience is smooth when using the File Storage.



  • New welcome landing page.
  • Email delivery improved.
  • Media previewer improved.
  • Copy referral invitation link option in Invite Friends. Now is much easier to invite friends to FortKnoxster from any other platform.




  • General bug fixing.
  • Even stronger security implemented.

Please make sure to rate the FortKnoxster app in the app stores:

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Remember to invite your friends, family and contacts to join you on FortKnoxster.

Upcoming features & updates:

  • New design, look and feel to be released for iOS and Android.
  • New features, improvements and security updates for iOS and Android.

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