Private encrypted a Gamechanger

One-stop E2E encrypted platform made by cybersecurity experts. Crypto Suite is all you need in the jungle of crypto apps. The safest app available for all your crypto needs. 

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FortKnoxster Crypto Suite Phone

One-stop Crypto Suite™

All your valuable and private stuff in one secure place. Communications, cryptocurrencies and private files. End-to-end encryption and blockchain integration to ensure that only you are in control.

Non-custodial Wallet

Store all your crypto in the safest place.


Store, transfer and exchange your NFT collectibles.


Buy & trade digital assets

Private Multi-device Messenger

Chat like no one is watching - for real.

Calling & Video Calls

Peer-to-peer calling. No snooping.


Save your confidential docs, files etc.

Biometric Authentication

We take your security seriously.

Seamlessly handle your digital assets

We make it easy to handle your crypto. FortKnoxster is a true one-stop secure platform. Easy to share crypto and easy to invite your friends and contacts.

Non-custodial wallet

The wallet in FortKnoxster is entirely non-custodial – only you have access to your funds. We don't have access - or anybody else. Only you hold the private encryption keys to your funds.

Endless asset types and NFTs

Store all your coins and tokens in a single, secure mobile wallet. We support multiple blockchains and thousands of assets. BTC, ETH, FKX, ERC20, BEP20, NFT collectibles and other assets totally on your terms.

Chat and transfer

You can safely transfer and receive cryptocurrency with your friends and contacts directly in the encrypted chat.

All NFTs

Crypto Suite is the perfect place to handle all your NFT needs, as secure as possible. You can send NFTs directly in the chat, exchange NFTs, store them safely in your file folders etc. We make sure your precious collectables are in the best hands.

Military-grade encryption

Cybercriminals are extreme. So is our security. We make sure no one can tamper, interfere, listen or steal your belongings. 256-bit AES encryption · RSA 2048-bit key cryptography · Elliptic curve cryptography · PBKDF2 key derivation with SHA-256 hashing - and much more. Rest assured, what happens in FortKnoxster stays in FortKnoxster.

FortKnoxster Video Call

Desktop Web App

FortKnoxster is also available as a desktop web app for Windows, Mac OS and Linux – extremely easy to use on all devices. Encrypted cloud storage, videocalls, private chat, crypto wallet and much more.

FortKnoxster Desktop Web App

Privacy features...


We integrate with the Blockchain ensuring a decentralized regime of digital identities. Trust nobody.


We use Zero-knowledge architecture. We have literally zero-knowledge of what you are doing. Less is more.


Only the intended recipients have access to the data. Forget about man-in-the middle-attacks.


All messages and transactions are verified for message authenticity to avoid tampering.

You own your data

No third party access. No data selling and no eavesdropping. What happens in Fortknoxster stays in FortKnoxster.

Also privacy for enterprises

We offer branded enterprise solutions with internal hosting and many other custom features.