Your crypto lives forever You don’t

Introducing DieFi™. We make sure your chosen beneficiaries can access your digital assets and NFTs, in case you die or go MIA.
No humans involved.
Pat. Pending.

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We solve a Billion dollar problem. More than $200 Billion worth of Bitcoin has been lost due to death or loss of access information.


The safest place to store all your crypto credentials.
Automated crypto testament. Digital assets estate planning.

Crypto Beneficiaries
We make sure your family, friends, lawyer or anybody you wish, can access your digital assets when you are not able to anymore.
Store Wallet Info
Store all your crypto credentials in one safe place. Custodial, non-custodial wallets and trading account details. E2E-encrypted.
ID Verification
Your beneficiaries will undergo strict real-time ID & face recognition scans incl. 100's of security checks. We use AI & machine learning to eliminate fraud.
Dead Man's Switch Timer
Only you control when your beneficiaries are contacted. Default is 12 months after your last log-in. You can edit all details as you wish.
Upload Documents
Upload documents, files, and other information you wish to pass on to your beneficiaries.
nft blue
Manage, organize and display your NFT portfolios across multiple blockchains.


FortKnoxster uses the strongest encryption algorithms and techniques available, combined with Blockchain and IA technologies. Our FIPS 140-2 compliant end-to-end encryption design ensures that only you have access to your data and no one else — not even FortKnoxster can access any data. FortKnoxster’s cryptography consists of RSA-OAEP/RSA-PSS 8192-bit encryption with SHA-512 and Elliptic Curve ECDH/ECDSA P-521 encryption.

All Encrypted
We apply cutting edge E2E-encryption combined with Blockchain and AI integration.
Beneficiary Scan
Once your beneficiary requests access, we perform real-time ID checks, face-verification and more.
Only you hold the private encryption keys. Nobody can access your account information.
Enjoy the benefits of total privacy, security, and extreme data redundancy on a decentralized network.

DieFi Roadmap

Jun 2020

Initial Research

Jan 2021

Dev. Started

Nov 2021

Initial Testing

Jan 2022

Alpha Testing

Mar 2022

Beta Testing

Apr 2022

API Development

May 2022

Partner Testing

Jun 2022

Security Audits

Sep 2022

Big Launch


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The FKX Utility Coin

PRO & Platinum subscriptions are charged in FKX.

FKX Coin Details

Total Max. Supply
150.000.000 FKX
Total In Circulation
150.000.000 FKX
KuCoin, ChangellyPRO, Uniswap.