Private encrypted a Gamechanger

Multi-device Messenger, Wallet, Storage, Video Calls – and much more… All-in-one and encrypted with seamless Blockchain integration. A Crypto Suite like nothing else.

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Military-grade encryption

Cybercriminals are extreme. So is our security. We make sure no one can tamper, interfere, listen or steal your belongings. 256-bit AES encryption · RSA 2048-bit key cryptography · Elliptic curve cryptography · PBKDF2 key derivation with SHA-256 hashing - and much more. Rest assured, what happens in FortKnoxster stays in FortKnoxster.

Desktop Web App

FortKnoxster is also available as a desktop web app for Windows, Mac OS and Linux – extremely easy to use on all devices. Encrypted cloud storage, videocalls, private chat, crypto wallet and much more.

FortKnoxster Desktop Web App