We safeguard the Crypto & FinTech space against hacks and other cybercrimes

We apply end-to-end encryption to all confidential communications ie. wallet addresses, confidential files, PII, KYC or other highly sensitive hacker targets.


 Our business is your cybersecurity

Military Encryption

Protect sensitive data with the strongest FIPS 140-2 grade encryption available. Developed by cyber-security experts.

Secure File Transfers

All file transfers happen with unique end to end secure digital signatures to prevent tampering or impersonation.

User Friendly

Our platform is simple and user friendly. Request and send files in just three simple steps.  Easy to use and manage.

 No Downloads

Store and manage documents online without having to download to unsecure devices increasing the risk of data breach.

Fully Compliant

Our solution ticks all the boxes necessary to comply with the requisites of the current data protection regulations.

Encrypted Storage

Our platform uses advanced cryptographic features to protect all files sent, received  and stored on our secure servers.

All File Types

Transfer securely any type of file necessary. Word, JPEG, PNG, Images, Videos, you name it, we  encrypt, transfer and store it.

Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard allows business to send document requests, manage files, profiles and team members.

Seamless Integration

Our easy to use dashboard can be managed as a stand-alone platform or integrated with CRM software tools or alike. The platform can also be white-labelled to fit your business profile and look & feel. One stop platform.

FortKnoxster Secure Dashboard

Don’t take the risk of using plain text email or chats when sending sensitive & private information…

Military grade encryption