The FKX token will be swopped to the new SUPR token at a market valuation of USD 5 Million — equal to 0.033 per FKX, a 56 % higher value than the CMC market cap of 4 April 2023, 5 PM Dubai time, which was 3,190,831 (FKX price 0.02115).
We strongly advise NOT to buy FKX above the price of 0,033. NFA, DYOR, and follow our medias for more information.

Total Max. Supply

150.000.000 FKX

Total In Circulation

150.000.000 FKX


KuCoin, ChangellyPRO, Uniswap.


FKX was minted in spring 2018 - and all coins have been distributed. FKX is in circulation among around 15.000 holders.


FortKnoxster users can only use FKX as payment method to access upgrade features in the DieFi platform. 


As all paid plans features are charged solely in FKX - effectively FortKnoxster is doing a 100% buyback. In other words, paid users will have to buy FKX on the exchanges, hereby supporting the FKX utility ecosystem and FKX demand.

Current exchanges

KuCoin, Changelly PRO & Uniswap

Trading pairs


FKX security audit

Smart contract audit report

Trade on KuCoin

Trade on Changelly PRO