<Knoxstercoin (FKX)>

Below is information on the FKX utility coin, which has a total/max supply of 150 Million. All 150 Million FKX are in circulation.
FKX's total/max supply of 150 Million is fixed in the smart contract, which makes it impossible to mint more FKX, ever.
FortKnoxster Knoxstercoin FKX Gold

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide privacy and security to the people by offering the FortKnoxster Crypto Suite to all – with transparent open sourced code. Everybody needs to protect themselves against the ever increasing cybercrimes such as: Hackers trying to steal your funds, government surveillance, snooping, MIM attacks, ID-theft, extorsion etc. – the list goes on and will never decrease as hackers and cybercriminals gets more and more sophisticated and skilled. FortKnoxster is built for the future and comes with extreme end-to-end default encryption and integrated with the Blockchain.
The world needs a secure one-stop platform, which can be used for most crypto needs, such as sending, receiving and storing digital currencies, secure messaging, calling, video-calling, storage etc. This is what FortKnoxster is, and we are working hard to implement more features in the years to come to safeguard the privacy and security of our users and community.


Our tokenomics and FKX ecosystem design: All PRO features will cost equivalent to USDT 99,00 per year - paid in FKX. In other words, PRO users will have to buy FKX on the exchanges, hereby creating the perfect utility ecosystem and FKX demand.  BUT if you have this amount in your FKX wallet (equivalent to USDT 99,00), all PRO features will remain free. (FKX has a total supply and circulation supply of 150 Million FKX.) PRO features: Unlimited storage, unlimited video-calling, encrypted screen-sharing, self-destructing messages. All E2E encrypted and as safe as it gets.


FortKnoxster uses smart contracts on the Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain blockchain and IPFS. FortKnoxster’s users connect with each other through cryptographic signatures, thereby establishing a trusted communication link. Knoxstercoin (FKX) is a live utility coin, allowing FortKnoxster users to upgrade to FortKnoxster PRO purchasing extra encrypted storage and several PRO features using FKX coins.

Total/Max Supply : 150.000.000 FKX

Circulating Supply : 150.000.000 FKX

Current Exchanges : KuCoin & Uniswap

Supported wallets: MEW, TrustWallet, MetaMask, Ledger.

Trading Pairs: USDT, BTC, ETH, WETH

Trade on Changelly PRO

FortKnoxster Bridge

The FortKnoxster bridge allows to exchange ERC20 Knoxstercoins to BEP20 Knoxstercoins as well as BEP20 to ERC20.

</Knoxstercoin (FKX)>