Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

FortKnoxster Ltd.

Suite 23 Portland House,
Glacis Road,
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Effective: January 1, 2021

Privacy is Our Business

FortKnoxster Ltd. values, respects and endorse the privacy and anonymity of all our users and we are strongly committed to protecting the confidential security and integrity of any information, in accordance with this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy explains FortKnoxster Ltd.’s handling of your information. We will update our privacy policy when needed to ensure it is current. Therefore, please revisit the policy in the future.

Protecting Your Information

Generally. The security of your information is imperative to us, in fact, this is the core of our  business model, to protect the privacy of our users and their data. Within the technical and legal boundaries, we will keep innovating and pushing the boundaries to maintain the best ever private and secure communication platform.

Technically. We use physical, electronic and sophisticated security methods to prevent unauthorized access, maintain data privacy and to ensure correct protection of information. We use robust encryption technologies including AES 256, RSA 2048, Key Authentication algorithms, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) etc. Our entire user’s data is stored in encrypted form and not even the FortKnoxster Ltd. staff has any access to it whatsoever. In addition, user accounts are protected by multi-factor authentication (optional).
Legally. Our servers are hosted in a highly secure data center. Furthermore, our Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) with extended validation is to ensure the highest degree of authentication available. Again, even if data was compromised, it would be of no use, as all data is highly encrypted. We also refer to the Non-Disclosure section below.

Data Collection

FortKnoxster Ltd. collects and uses anonymous user information for the following limited purposes:
1. Sent and Received Messages: We do not have access to any message content as it is highly encrypted. We do have access to the following records: Number of messages sent, storage space used, total number of messages, last login time and country code login.
2. Phone numbers: All phone numbers provided to us during the account creation procedure, are confidential information and your phone number will never be sold, shared, given, leased or disclosed to any third parties. Due to extra security matters, your phone number is required in order for us to send you the initial activation code in the account creation process.
3. Emails: Providing your email is optional, but required for certain services. All emails provided to us during the account recovery and notification settings procedures, are confidential information and your email will never be sold, shared, given, leased or disclosed to any third parties. Due to extra security matters, your email is required in order for us to send you the account recovery link in the account recovery process. Your email address is also required for receiving email notifications about new FortKnoxster messages.

Managing Your Data

Your data belongs to you and you can delete it at any time. Your account information can be changed anytime by logging into your account and change or delete information. If you wish to delete your account, we will erase all your remaining encrypted account data from our servers. Any free accounts that are inactive for more than 12 months may be automatically deleted.

Data Storage

All data is, at any given time, stored in an encrypted format. Temporary backups are also fully encrypted. We have no way of accessing your encrypted data and hence cannot recover your password, should you lose it.


FortKnoxster Ltd. has a zero-disclosure policy. We will not respond to any requests from authorities regarding information about users, logs, data or similar. We do not comply with any non-governmental or government agency’s request to disclose information unless backed up by applicable court order, which all businesses must comply with.


FortKnoxster Ltd. uses a time-limited encrypted session cookie on this website. No persistent cookies are ever used on this website. Once the individual session ends, the session cookie is deleted.


This applies only to users who are using our “upgrade” Services. Third parties process all electronic payment transactions and FortKnoxster Ltd. does not retain any customer payment information. For administration purposes, we do need to store data on which account was paid for by a particular transaction.

Customer support

We will respond to support requests via email within 2 business day. If you have questions, ideas or comments about our Services, please contact us at