FortKnoxster 2021 Roadmap

Our Roadmap

Q1 2021

Launch FK Transfer

We launched FortKnoxster Transfer for businesses, a secure encrypted document transfer solution to request confidential information from customers.

Q2 2021

Open Source

Our source code is open sourced on GitHub and allows security researchers to fully evaluate our end-to-end encryption implementation in our desktop web app and native mobile apps for iPhone/iPad and Android devices.

Q2 2021

Binance Smart Chain Integration

We integrate with Binance Smart Chain to secure communications by storing a cryptographic hash of users public identity and keys in a decentralized smart contract. This cryptographic hash can be verified at all times to ensure trust and avoid man in the middle tampering and hacks.

Q2 2021

FKX/USDT Pair Addition

The FKX/USDT trading pair was launched on KuCoin on 12th May 2021, for more details please visit our public announcement.

Q3 2021

Binance Bridge

Swap FKX ERC-20 tokens to Binance BEP-20 to access Binance based services like Pancake Swap and others.

Q3 2021

Self-destructing Messages

What message?! Self-destructing feature in Chats with a timer setting up to a week in any chat conversation, so that sent and received chat messages will auto-destruct for both parties at the given time after the messages have been seen.

Q3 2021

FK Crypto Suite

A complete Crypto Suite™ of private and secure messaging, calling, crypto wallet, and cloud storage worldwide for everyone, including businesses

Q3 2021

Wallet Integration

Store all your coins and tokens in a single, ultra-secure mobile wallet. Transfer and receive cryptocurrency directly in the chat. All are protected by E2E Encryption.

Q3 2021

FKX Staking

Stake FKX directly in your crypto wallet to enable free Pro features and earn FKX interest.

Q4 2021

FK Channels

Make channels and host 10.000s (or more), build your own community or entourage. Watch out Telegram and Discord!